Basement Waterproofing involves various materials and methods employed to prevent liquid from entering the basement or a structure below ground level. Waterproofing an underground basement may involve the application of various sealant substances, the placement of drain tiles, and the installation of sump pumps and drainage systems. This type of waterproofing is not recommended for those who reside in areas with severe winter climates as it will cause the cellar to freeze. If your basement is susceptible to flooding due to inclement weather, then it may be a good idea to get in touch with a professional to make sure that your basement is properly insulated against future water damage. This will also help to save on your heating bills.

The various methods of basement waterproofing employ different sealants, grouts and caulk. However, not all sealants and products are equally effective. Some work well while others don’t. Some sealants, particularly caulk, can even discolor walls or floors if it seeps through to the exterior. Thus, it is essential to thoroughly research products before going ahead with them.

In order to understand which sealant is best for basement waterproofing, it helps to first have an understanding of how they work. Most products employ polyisocyanurate or polyethylene as their main ingredients. These two substances are responsible for creating pores through which water can pass. Seals are applied around these pores with the aim of creating an airtight seal. A few sealants have components that can act as water barriers as well.

Aside from creating an airtight seal, basement waterproofing also seeks to control the rate at which water accumulates in the structure. When basement dampness is present, it can lead to mold development and damage to the structure. Some basement waterproofing products such as granular products and caulk are able to significantly reduce the rate at which water accumulates inside the house. They do this by stopping leaks as well as minimizing surface moisture.

Condensation is often referred to as the silent killer. Not only does it cause physical damages to structures but it can also be very detrimental to health due to the fact that it encourages the growth of mold and mildew. While there are a number of methods of combating basement moisture including using dehumidifiers, attic exhaust fans, and sealing and plugging, condensation can easily soak up excess moisture from inside a structure without any external influence. To combat this problem, most basement waterproofing services employ sealants and various coatings that form an airtight seal against excess moisture.

A good sealant or coating has certain characteristics that make it highly effective against moisture. It must be resistant to water vapor, be able to maintain a constant degree of thickness, and be able to effectively prevent water from leaking out of the structure. Most basement waterproofing professionals recommend applying an exterior coating as a foundation for a moisture barrier. Applying one of these layers after the existing surface has been penetrated by water is highly effective and prevents water from leaking into the basement once the first layer has been applied.

Another basement waterproofing method is to set up a sump pump. The sump pump removes water from the basement through a gravity drain line that is placed deep into the ground. These devices are placed beneath the existing foundation and are able to draw water out of the home. Other effective basement waterproofing methods include placing drains on sewer lines and using concrete water tanks for storing excess water in the event that the sump pump proves insufficient.

When it comes to cost, the best way to save money is to perform all of the necessary steps to keep your basement dry. Wet basements can be prevented with effective water control techniques and by following the proper guidelines. If you have a small budget, then hiring a professional waterproofing contractor is an affordable alternative to protecting your investment with an exterior waterproofing service. Professional contractors will save you time and ensure that your basement is protected against future water damage.