Basement Foundation Waterproofing is an integral part of protecting your home from leaks and other water damage problems. While basement waterproofing systems are primarily designed to eliminate existing water inside your structure, foundation waterproofing also works to redirect runoff from roofs and crawlspaces away from the foundation so that it has no chance to enter the wall slab joint or other susceptible spots. Without proper foundation waterproofing, your home could become a living hell for family members, especially children, and pets. And without a basement waterproof system installed, your property would become such a health disaster that insurance companies won’t help cover the cost.

Basement Foundation Waterproofing systems protect your home’s foundation from being damaged due to water seeping into the interior of the home through doors, windows, and even sinks or showers. Once inside the walls of your home, walls can take on moisture due to rain or even snow. The presence of excess moisture inside your home’s walls eventually warps them over time, creating foundation issues. Basement foundation waterproofing, then, is a necessary preventative measure to prevent water damage in the first place. A qualified waterproofing contractor can waterproof your basement wall. Even if you just need a leak repaired in the event of a flood, waterproofing your basement foundation waterproofing can keep you from having to spend thousands more on repairing damages caused by water penetration.

One type of Basement Foundation Waterproofing is Permeable membrane system installation. This type of foundation waterproofing system directs excess moisture away from the foundation, instead of allowing it to penetrate into the walls. A permeable membrane is installed over the interior of the concrete slab. Then, thick concrete covers the membrane, while a waterproof sealant is applied over the concrete and the seams between the concrete slabs.

Most homeowners do not know that basement foundation waterproofing systems exist that actually accomplish two tasks in one step. First of all, interior foundation waterproofing cuts the amount of time required for repairs by half. By stopping excess moisture from penetrating the interior foundation, this system prevents water damage that could cost you thousands and cause mold and mildew to grow. The system also stops leaks from occurring on the exterior of your home as well.

Interior foundation services also include trenching and pumping out accumulated water. Trenching involves excavating around the foundation to remove soil. Water is then pumped back into the basement. While this system eliminates sump pump usage, trenching will allow for better drainage of the interior foundation.

One more basement foundation service you might want to consider is perforated pipe waterproofing. This system involves installing a special drain pipe called a perforated drain pipe. When a layer of soil is pushed down inside the drain pipe, it will perforate the pipe and discharge itself outside the basement in the form of a fine mist.

Perforated drain tiles will require a professional contractor in order to install them properly. This process involves carefully excavating around the foundation and installing drain tiles where needed. A sump pit is then installed where the perforated drain pipe will discharge itself. All of these services combined are very effective in preventing damage to the interior of the home and basement, as well as improving the resale value. When this basement foundation repair process is complete, your basement will be safer and more usable than ever.

Basement foundation waterproofing solutions will continue to improve in the future as more people learn about their effectiveness. Many homeowners prefer to hire professionals when it comes to foundation waterproofing because they can save money and time by doing the work themselves. Some Basement Foundation Waterproofing contractors will offer a free inspection and estimate for any basement waterproofing needs. If you have a smaller home or apartment, some Basement Foundation Waterproofing Solutions companies will even come to your home and perform the work for a reasonable cost.